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Fractional COO Services

Provided personally by
Peter Montoya

Embrace the dynamism of strategic marketing leadership, without the full-time executive obligation. Our bespoke Fractional COO service, exclusively delivered by renowned Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author Peter Montoya, will magnetize your ideal clients and significantly boost your revenue.

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Exclusively Services Provided by Peter Montoya

What He’ll Do For You

Empowering Leadership

Peter Montoya offers adept guidance and leadership, setting clear goals, nurturing collaboration, and boosting your team’s performance. He’ll work directly with your team, ensuring your marketing strategies become a reality.

Innovative Strategic Planning

Peter Montoya collaborates with you and your team to forge an inclusive growth strategy that reflects your business ambitions. He will identify untapped opportunities, craft convincing value propositions, and create effective plans that deliver.

Driving Growth Initiatives

Trust Peter Montoya to steer your marketing campaigns towards success. He’ll supervise the design and execution of precise campaigns across diverse platforms, covering digital marketing, advertising, content creation, PR, events, and more.

Brand Evolution and Creative Services

Building a robust and consistent brand image is key for SMEs. Peter will not only cultivate and manage your brand strategy but also offer extensive creative services to vivify your brand.

Data-Informed Performance Measurement
and Reporting

Peter Montoya trusts in the power of data. He’ll establish relevant KPIs and furnish regular reports on your marketing performance. Utilize these insights to evaluate your marketing success and continually refine your strategy.

Tech, Operations, and Innovation

Fed up with disparate solutions that fail to integrate? Peter will perform a thorough marketing technology audit, propose enhancements, and skillfully implement the solution to harmonize your operations. He will exploit these advancements to fine-tune your marketing initiatives, enhance customer engagement, and spark innovation in your marketing domain.


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Reap the Rewards

Around-The-Clock Mentorship

Receive undivided support from Peter Montoya via text, email, or phone. His steadfast support will navigate you through any hurdles and alleviate your stress.

Turn Plans into Action

Peter Montoya as your COO ensures that your key growth initiatives are not just planned, but efficiently executed.

Business Expansion

Meet one of the most inventive business minds. Peter will devise and enact client attraction and revenue augmentation strategies.

Delegate Personnel Matters

Sit back and let Peter Montoya take the helm, handling the complexities of recruiting, hiring, firing, and managing. Focus on what you excel at.

Promote Unity and Concentration

Ensure a unified approach towards success. Peter Montoya synchronizes your team, driving superior outcomes.

Leverage Decades of Experience

Connect with Peter Montoya and tap into his vast reservoir of knowledge to catapult your business. Save precious time and resources by avoiding ineffective marketing strategies.


Schedule a No Risk Consultation with Peter Montoya

The Fine Print

While Peter’s expertise is readily available, please note the following limitations due to his remote location in Orange County, California:

In-Person Interaction: Peter cannot physically lead or meet with you and your team in person. However, he can effectively collaborate and communicate remotely.

In-Person Events: Due to his remote work setup, Peter is unable to execute seminars, client events, or other in-person meetings. However, he can provide guidance and support in planning and strategizing for such events.

Team Coaching: Peter is happy to coach and mentor your team, but he cannot directly discipline them. His role is to provide guidance and support to enhance their performance.

Design Services: While all copywriting is included, the design of your website or other collateral materials may require additional resources. However, Peter can personally oversee their development, ensuring they align with your marketing goals.

Decision Making: Peter will present his best recommendations based on his expertise, but the final decisions rest with you. Your feedback, input, and final say-so are crucial in shaping the direction of your marketing strategies. Peter will work collaboratively with you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with Peter Montoya, an acclaimed Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author, and transform your brand into a powerful force in the market. Contact him today to discuss how his CMO services can propel your business forward.