Chief Marketing Officer Services

By Peter Montoya

Peter is not here to tell you what do to – he’s here to do the work for you. Unlock strategic marketing leadership without the commitment of a full-time executive. Our fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) service is personally executed by acclaimed Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author Peter Montoya, who will attract ideal clients that drive double-digit growth.

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Reap the Rewards

24/7 access to Peter Montoya: Uninterrupted private support through text messages, emails, or phone calls. Whenever you have a question or need guidance, Peter will be there to alleviate your concerns and provide invaluable insights. Count on his unwavering support to guide you through any challenges and relieve your stress.

Services Provided by Peter Montoya

What He’ll Do For You

Team Leadership

Peter Montoya will provide expert guidance and leadership to your team, whether internal or external. He’ll set clear objectives, foster a collaborative environment, and ensure your team operates at its full potential. He’ll work personally with your team to ensure that your marketing plan is executed.

Strategic Marketing Planning

Peter Montoya will work closely with you and your team to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals. He will identify target audiences, define compelling value propositions, and create actionable marketing plans that drive results.

Marketing Campaigns and Initiatives

Let Peter Montoya drive your marketing campaigns to success. He’ll oversee the development and execution of targeted campaigns across various channels, including digital marketing, advertising, content creation, PR, events, and more.

Brand Development and Creative Services

Establishing a strong and cohesive brand image is crucial for small businesses. Peter will not only shape and manage your brand strategy but also provide comprehensive creative services to bring your brand to life. This includes:

Copywriting (Included)

Peter Montoya will personally craft compelling and persuasive copy that resonates with your clients. From website content to marketing materials, he’ll ensure your messaging captures attention and drives engagement.

Web and Collateral Design (Additional Cost)

Enhance your brand’s visual presence with our professional design services. Peter will coordinate and manage the design process, or, if you prefer, we can recommend trusted design partners and assist in outsourcing web development and collateral design at an additional cost. Whether it’s a stunning website, eye-catching signs, client collateral, or captivating social media visuals, we’ve got you covered.

Performance Measurement and Reporting

Peter Montoya believes in measuring what matters. He’ll establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide regular reports on marketing performance. Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and make informed adjustments for continuous improvement.

Technology and Innovation

Tired of having multiple overlapping solutions that don’t integrate? Peter will conduct a comprehensive marketing technology audit, provide recommendations, and expertly implement the solution to streamline your operations. Peter will leverage these advancements to optimize your marketing campaigns, improve customer experiences, and drive innovation within your marketing function.


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How You’ll Benefit

Get Marketing Done

With Peter Montoya as your CMO, rest assured that your marketing efforts will be effectively executed.

Attract New Clients

Entrust your marketing to Peter Montoya and focus on meeting prospective clients, driving new revenue.

Offload Marketing Headache

Relax as Peter Montoya takes charge, handling the intricacies of marketing, while you concentrate on what you do best: meeting with clients.

Foster Alignment and Focus

Ensure everyone marches to the same beat. Peter Montoya aligns your team, driving better results.

Tap into 30 Years of Expertise

Experience a hands-on connection with Peter Montoya, leveraging his wealth of knowledge to propel your business forward. Save valuable time.


Schedule a No Obligation Consultation with Peter Montoya

The Fine Print

While Peter’s expertise is readily available, please note the following limitations due to his remote location in Orange County, California:

In-Person Interaction: Peter cannot physically lead or meet with you and your team in person. However, he can effectively collaborate and communicate remotely.

In-Person Events: Due to his remote work setup, Peter is unable to execute seminars, client events, or other in-person meetings. However, he can provide guidance and support in planning and strategizing for such events.

Team Coaching: Peter is happy to coach and mentor your team, but he cannot directly discipline them. His role is to provide guidance and support to enhance their performance.

Design Services: While all copywriting is included, the design of your website or other collateral materials may require additional resources. However, Peter can personally oversee their development, ensuring they align with your marketing goals.

Decision Making: Peter will present his best recommendations based on his expertise, but the final decisions rest with you. Your feedback, input, and final say-so are crucial in shaping the direction of your marketing strategies. Peter will work collaboratively with you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with Peter Montoya, an acclaimed Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author, and transform your brand into a powerful force in the market. Contact him today to discuss how his CMO services can propel your business forward.