Meet Peter Montoya

Most speakers who teach have not done it for themselves…and most entrepreneurs don’t know how to speak. Peter Montoya is the rare exception. He’s a dynamic speaker who has also accomplished big things.
Peter Montoya is a unique blend of a thought leader, dynamic speaker, and seasoned leadership strategist with firsthand business experience fueling his powerful insights. His rich professional journey across various sectors like financial services, advertising, insurance, SaaS software, and digital media, combined with his extensive human behavior knowledge, has positioned him as an inspirational author, sought-after speaker, and transformative business growth coach.

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What does he do?

As a successful C-Suite executive, Peter’s multi-dimensional business leadership has proven instrumental in driving sales, marketing, and business negotiations in startups and established firms. His reputation as a growth strategist is backed by his proficiency in propelling revenue growth, profitability, and market share, alongside his negotiation mastery.

How does he do it?

Peter’s unique leadership style fosters innovation, facilitates collaboration, and promotes cross-functional synergies, consistently delivering performance beyond expectations. He excels in an array of areas including cost-efficient operations, effective sales & marketing, talent management, and organizational restructuring. He demonstrates a unique penchant for developing enticing compensation plans, innovating products, crafting successful go-to-market strategies, designing striking packaging, copywriting, brand development, and devising sound company policies.

What is the benefit?

Equally skilled in crisis management and nurturing startup environments, Peter is a trusted advisor to boards, providing valuable corporate strategy guidance. His extended skills in speaking & training, problem-solving, negotiation, and administration solidify his status as a comprehensive business leader, committed to transforming organizations globally. You will not find a more creative business leader than Peter. Peter is a leadership enthusiast who knows that people are the key to every successful enterprise. He enjoys developing leaders so they are better for themselves, their teams, their families, and their organizations.