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Inspire and Empower Your Representatives

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One of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the industry

The Brand Called YouThe incredibly simple way to leverage your brand into a million-dollar practice.

What makes some Financial Advisors so much more successful than others? In his The Brand Called You, Peter synthesizes the simples steps to turn any advisor into a client generation machine.

Never dry or mundane, Peter's presentations are always as enjoyable as they are empowering.


Peter's words have a lasting impact. His ideas and inspiration remain long after an event concludes.



Peter is consistently one of the highest-rated speakers, captivating audiences wherever he goes.

Peter can craft a keynote presentation that addresses the specific needs of your organization or event.


Peter literally wrote the book on Personal Branding

A visionary thought leader, Peter Montoya specializes in marketing and branding solutions for the financial services industry. He literally wrote the book on personal branding and has led countless presentations for the industry’s leading companies, transforming the practices of tens of thousands of Financial Professionals across the nation.

Driven by purpose, Peter is passionate about his mission: to help Financial Professionals discover and leverage their personal brands to attract more high-quality clients, grow their practices, and spend less time and money in the process.

Keynote Speaker

Innovative Marketing Guru

Personal Branding Pioneer

Best-Selling Author of The Brand Called YOU

F  E  A  T  U  R  E  D     O  N  

Harness the power of your personal brand.
Empower The Brand Called YOU.
The core of any brand is discovering your niche, differentiation, and knowing the particular need you serve in the market.

Inspiring, Informative,

Names, Slogans, Logos

Garner "top of mind" awareness with a unique and memorable name that speaks directly to your clients and prospects.
“After thousands of keynotes, lunch & learn events, Zoom conferences, and workshops for the country’s leading Financial Professionals, I’ve learned exactly what does and does not work to grow a financial services practice. My presentation is perfectly pitched to provide key insights and actionable ideas, spelled out in straightforward terms. I teach attendees how to leverage their most important asset – a trusted relationship with clients – into a meaningful brand. I demystify personal branding and connect it to real-world actions that positively impact their pocketbook.”

Live or virtual presentations

Learn proven marketing techniques to help you attract ideal clients and exponentially grow your practice.

Marketing That Matters

Signature Presentations

The Financial Services Practice Growth Specialist

Peter Montoya has spent the last quarter century working exclusively with Financial Professionals—helping them develop personal brands, create exceptional marketing materials, and discover the tools, techniques, and best practices that genuinely produce results.

Peter’s insights don’t only derive from his experience with financial industry leaders, but also from building and exiting several multi-million dollar businesses. Most speakers are just that…speakers. But Peter has been in the trenches himself, juggling expenses, personnel, and growing a business. He speaks with the authority of someone who’s been there, which translates into high-impact presentations.