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Meet the author

There are gifted speakers, best-selling authors, and successful entrepreneurs… but rarely do you find all three in one person. Peter Montoya is that rare exception—a thought leader, skilled orator, and leadership strategist with real-life experience driving his insights and ideas. Peter’s business acumen, inspirational journey, human behavioral insight, and decades of real-life experience have helped him to become one of the most inspirational authors and sought-after speakers in the industry today.

You’ve seen it—on television, social media, at work, and even in your personal life. We’re in the midst of a cold civil war, and the tension is mounting. We’ve lost friends and damaged relationships over opposing political views, and many of us now struggle with anxiety, anger, media addiction, or depression as we cope with the toxic weapons of cancel culture, unfriending, shunning, doxing, intimidation, and even threats of violence.
The Second Civil War is a guidebook for every American troubled by our growing national divide. Peter Montoya provides meaningful tools and practical strategies you can implement to:

End political bigotry
Repair broken relationships
Recognize misinformation and resist fearmongering
Use social media in a way that it doesn’t use you
Coexist with those who hold opposing views
Embrace positive patriotism
Help reunify the United States of America

While the wars of the 20th century were largely waged by countries or institutions, the rise of unethical media, combined with the now highly accessible power of technology, has placed us, as individuals, both on the front lines and within the command bunkers. We’ve taken sides, battle lines have been drawn, and the conflict is reaching a critical mass.

America is on the brink of disaster.

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