(Included) The right messaging is vital, and has an enormous impact on brand success or failure. Peter will personally craft compelling and persuasive copy that resonates with your target audience. From website content to marketing materials, he'll ensure your messaging captures attention and drives engagement.

Website & Collateral Design

(Additional Fee) Enhance your brand's visual presence with our professional design services. Whether it's a stunning website, eye-catching materials, client collateral, or capitvating social media, Peter will coordinate and manage the design process, or, if you prefer, can recommend trusted design partners and assist in outsourcing.

Creative Services

Peter will not only shape and manage your brand strategy but also provide comprehensive creative services to bring your brand to life.

How you'll benefit...

Services Provided


By tapping into 30 years of unrivaled expertise, you'll grow your business while saving valuable time, and you can stop wasting money on marketing that simply does not work. Experience a hands-on connection with Peter Montoya, leveraging his wealth of knowledge to propel your business forward. 


Offload the headaches as Peter takes charge of the intricacies of marketing, while you concentrate on what you do best: meeting with clients.


Peter will help align your team, driving better results by ensuring everyone marches to the same beat, and toward the same goal.

How you'll benefit...

Get the round-the-clock support you need to meet and conquer any challenge. You'll have unlimited access to Peter's support, advice, and wealth of knowledge - via phone calls, emails, and text messages - to address your concerns and provide valuable insights and ideas.


With Peter Montoya as your CMO, you can count on your marketing efforts to be effective, and expertly executed.


Increase revenue with a focus on meeting and converting new clients through innovative, provent techniques.

Unlock the power of strategic marketing leadership without the commitment of a full-time executive. Our Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) service is personally executed by acclaimed Speaker, Entrepreneur, and author Peter Montoya, who'll help you attract the ideal clients that drive revenues.

Chief Marketing Officer

Collaborate with the best in the business...

Generate revenue and transform your brand into a powerful force in the market. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to work directly with Peter Montoya—acclaimed Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author—at a fraction of the cost. 

Please note: In order to give his best and maintain availability for his clients, fractional CMO slots are extremely limited. Click below to explore availability, and discuss how Peter can help propel your business forward. 


While Peter's expertise is readily, continually available to his clients, please note that the following are not included in his fractional CMO service:


  • In-Person Interaction
    Peter cannot physically lead or meet in person. However, he can effectively collaborate and communicate remotely.

  • In-Person Events
    Due to his remote work setup, Peter is unable to execute live seminars, client events, or other in-person meetings. However, he can provide guidance and support in planning and strategizing for such events.

  • Team Administration
    Peter is happy to coach and mentor your team, but he cannot directly discipline them. His role is to provide guidance and support to enhance their performance.

  • Design Services
    While all copywriting is included, the design of your website or other collateral materials may require additional resources. While Peter will not execute these items, he can oversee their development, ensuring they align with your marketing goals.

  • Decision Making
    Peter will work collaboratively with you to achieve your desired outcomes, and present recommendations based on his expertise, but the final decisions rest with you. Your feedback, input, and final say are crucial in shaping the direction of your marketing strategies.